There are a total of 20 romanceable characters in Come Home, all of which are optional to the main story. Some of their stories weave together, while others are completely separate from the rest. I doubt that most players will want to explore every storyline, but hopefully all players will be able to find at least one that appeals to them.


Lisa is your father’s partner who is worried about him being missing. She’s frantically trying to hold the house together while also blaming herself for his leaving.


Lisa’s daughter. Suzy is a little gruff on the outside, frequently moody and somewhat self-centered, but she hides a sweetness underneath it all that is worth digging for.


The receptionist at the law office that you work at. She’s very flirty and very interested in you, but she is engaged to be married this coming summer.


Your next-door neighbor, who is a childhood friend that you lost touch with. Rebuilding your friendship will take work, but Jamie is so cute and warm and loving that it will be worth it.


Suzy’s best friend. They have been very close to each other their whole lives, and Tammy has had a crush on you for years. She loves working out, practicing MMA, and fighting and seems to be doing as much as possible to avoid going to her house, where her family situation is not great.


The waitress at a local diner. She lives on a farm that she operates by herself. She loves animals and hates mean people. She’s cute, funny, and flirty, and always busy with work, the farm, or going to veterinary school.


Juliana is in your English class and also works at the school cafe in the evenings. She is smart and studious, but seems to have a hard time interacting with people. She tends to blurt out whatever is on her mind without always thinking of other’s feelings.


Izzy mostly hangs out at the park with her gang and smokes weed. She’s strong, speaks her mind, and doesn’t really give a shit what anybody else thinks. Maybe there’s some softer side underneath that gruff exterior though?


Kendra is a skater girl that hangs out at the park on the wekends. She likes to move fast, in more ways than one, and she is always looking for a thrill. She’s almost never seen without a big smile on her face, but underneath, she seems to be hiding a sort of sadness.


Adrian is a girl that sits next to you in your Social Studies classroom. She’s interested in video games and computers, and takes an interest in you pretty quickly. She has a bit of a secret, that she’s a transgender woman, and is a little shy to bring it up at first. All she wants is to be accepted for who she is.


Gertrude is the counselor at the school and is always willing ot listen to your problems and help guide you. You’ll soon discover that she’s having her own problems with her husband at home though.

Ms. Welch (Nora)

Ms. Welch is your Social Studies teacher. She’s young and fun and very passionate about social change and righting injustices. She takes an interest in you and soon begins looking for reasons to spend time with you outside of the classroom.

Mrs. McGee (Eden)

Mrs. McGee is your English teacher. She’s a bit exotic and mysterious. You know that she’s married, but that doesn’t stop her from flirting with you. Her husband also runs Java Lava, a local coffee shop.

Mrs. Mills

Mrs. Mills is your boss at the law office where you work. She is strict and domineering, but also very flirty sometimes. She seems to have a thing for making you do demeaning work. But… maybe you like that sort of thing?


Brandi is a food blogger and online streamer who goes to various restaurants and eats and talks to her fans on the internet. She’s friendly and outgoing and a bit silly, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what is real and what is all for the show.


Reba is a country girl who lives with her mama and brother in a trailer outside of town. She’s a mechanic who loves working on her classic truck, going camping, and mudding. She likes you because you’re different than her family and the people that she is used to, and she wants to show you that she is different too.


Whitney is a bit of genius. She has a large house and a laboratory outside of town, along with a staff of people who work for her. She is a scientist and an inventor, but is inexperienced in relationships. She is also paralyzed below the waist, but that doesn’t seem to slow her down.


Bai is a barista at the school cafe. He is experimenting and discovering his sexuality, and wants to learn it with you, if you’re interested. Otherwise, he’s just looking for a friend. He likes to exercise and he loves movies.

Detective Rodriguez (Jez)

Detective Rodriguez, or Jez to her friends, is the detective working on your father’s missing person case. She is caring and dedicated, but also very overworked and tired. Between her job and her young child at home, she doesn’t have much time, but when she gets a chance, she likes to relax with a few drinks at the bar in the evening.


Mi-Cha works as an office assistant at the school counselor office. She’s cute and sweet, but also extremely shy, which makes it a bit difficult to talk to her at first. Maybe once she gets to know you more, she’ll loosen up though and open up to you.